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Video Game Hall of Fame 2015: Pong, Tetris, WoW, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. and Doom inducted

Do you often get nostalgic thinking about the video game era, when it all began and times before these flashy consoles came. Yes, the video game era with games like Pong, Tetris, World of Warcraft, Doom, Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man were your life and you used to be crazy about them. This year, most of your favorite games are being inducted to the Hall of Fame 2015. The very first inductees of the World Video Game Hall of Fame are Pong, Doom and Super Mario Bros.world-video-game-hall-of-fame-2015

The obvious happiness that your favorite game is being inducted into one of its kind Hall of Fame brings back a lot of fun memories too. A total of 6 inductees has been announced and it is to celebrate the video games from the 1970s to 1990s. The legendary games are placed in the Strong Museum of Play.

Out of 15 possible games 6 honorary names have been inducted this year. We believe video games, especially the classic and evergreen ones have always enjoyed the limelight and popularity. But this Hall of Fame mention places them on the highest level. They have influenced gaming standards for decades and are living proof of the fun times gamers have had.

Coming to the games, Pong is a classic physics based game, where two pads and a pong ball was involved and players had to strike the ball in such a way that the other pad misses it. Super Mario Bros is another legendary game where you had several stages to clear in order to save the protagonist’s princess. Also, Pac-man, Doom, Tetris, World of Warcraft are inducted and placed in the museum too.

Love these games right? Do you think any of your favorite games have not been inducted? Tel us about your favorite gaming moments and more in the comments below.

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  1. What a shit article, you provided us with no information that wasn't available days ago from most news outlets. You lazily skipped over any information outside of Pong and Mario, which everyone already knows. Why not go into World of Warcraft, or Doom?

  2. starcraft? the first competitive online game?

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