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Facebook removes the ‘sickening’ child-abuse video after the outrage

An unknown Facebook user posted the video of a baby screaming as it’s tossed around by its arms rapidly around a bucket of water. A woman propels the baby in circles before holding it upside down and shaking it. The social networking site was bestowed upon wide criticism from many of its users and social activists, declaring this as an act of total cruelty and insanity, the BBC reports.child-abuse-video-facebook

London, United Kingdom – The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children condemned Facebook over its decision of not to remove the clip. The society said it shows a “terrified” and “sobbing” baby being hurled and then picked up and partly submerged in water ample of times.

According to The Telegraph, The origin of the video is still a mystery, although many reports point to Russia and Indonesia – but it was reported to Facebook in Britain on Wednesday on the basis of “Graphic Violence” and “Nudity”. Also the woman’s face is not pictured in that clip. However, a Facebook spokesperson on Thursday insisted that the video had not breached any rules, saying it portrays “a form of baby yoga”.

After being attacked by NSPCC and other child protection charities, a day later the social media giant agreed to remove that clip. In order to raise awareness, Simon Milner, the company’s UK director of policy told BBC,

“When this video is being shared to draw attention to and to condemn what’s happening and ideally to try and help this child then yes, there is a place for it on Facebook,”

NSPCC stayed firm that the video depicted child abuse and has called on the British government to ensure that the social media companies proactively refrain users from posting inappropriate images or videos of children online so that the people in the U.K. are “no longer exposed to this kind of dreadful and disturbing content.”

The U.K. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children said the abuse could cause long-term injuries to the helpless baby’s limbs. Facebook has been entangled in controversy over its standards before. In the past, it’s been denounced for removing pictures of breastfeeding while allowing videos showing beheadings and graphic violence.

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