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The smallest frogs in the world hail from Brazil’s Atlantic rainforests

How small can a frog be if it measures only 0.4 inches? According to the data published in the journal PeerJ on Thursday, researchers have discovered seven new species of frogs, which are in turn the smallest frogs in the world.miniature-frog

The seven new species were found by the team of researchers during exploring the Southern Brazilian Atlantic Rainforests. The information was published by the team in the journal on Thursday after the team had scanned out the entire region for a period of five years.

The new species of frogs that have been discovered belong to the genus Brachyephalus, which is known among the science community as one of the most brightly colored frogs. The size of the frogs does not come as a surprise as Brachyephalus is the genus of miniature frogs.

In fact, it is the smallest known genus exhibit of terrestrial vertebrates to humans. What makes the Brachyephalus even more special is because the genus also exhibits a few structural changes with the small size of the frogs, which makes the genus an excellent study material for scientists.

Talking about the recently discovered seven new species of frogs, the scientists had discovered that most of the species were restricted to only one or a few adjacent mountain, which to a certain extent goes to show that the species should probably be placed high on the list of the endangered species.

The scientists on the research team believe that the frogs are probably susceptible to climate changes, which on the other hand does mark highly susceptible to extinction. Although the size of the frogs does not play in their favor, but their body contains a neurotoxin named tetrodotoxin, which in turn can result in instant death. It is quite interesting to see such small species develop such defense mechanisms.

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