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Say Goodbye to Yahoo Maps; Yahoo shuts the service after 8 years

Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) has decided to halt its eight year old maps services in June 2015. This is a big step and one of the spokesperson from the company said that they want to change the trajectory of their business keeping it aligned with their overall future goals.unnamed

The resources of the brilliant Yahoo Maps team, will be adding value to other new businesses of Yahoo. Marissa Mayer, CEO of the company is trying to reap more profits by shutting down some services and focusing on services that are doing well. This way they are trying to create better opportunities for their employees and using their skills in something more substantial.

While Yahoo is one of the premier search engines, it is Google Maps that is used widely. Yahoo is on the verge of shutting down more than 60 products for the last two years. This downsizing helps them focus on fewer businesses only. The priorities are absolutely clear to the team and management and they even discontinued really old businesses like Yahoo Directory and Pages too. The maps site is going down by the end of this month, but it will work with a few products like Flickr and search results.

The spring cleaning will give the company a new direction as the company will focus on content, communication tools and search business more. The internet company started way back in 1995 and in 20 years, it has seen a lot of growth. But few services needed to be slashed since a very long time and many of you would not have even heard about them.

We just hope that not many users will miss this service, as there are many way better alternatives out there. Goodbye Yahoo maps, you helped us all in the last eight years.

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