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NVIDIA’s G-Sync tech coming to gaming notebooks

NVIDIA has finally brought G-Sync technology for gaming in various models of notebooks like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and Clevo. G-Sync tech will provide stutter-free gaming, and will also support windowed mode.computex-2015-nvidia-gsync-notebooks-v2-600x331


Though G-Sync is more than a year old, it was available only on desktop PCs. NVIDIA promises that there wont be any stuttering or tearing caused by the monitor refresh rates getting out of sync. V-Sync has tried to fix the issue, but it is now support some of the latest games. G-Sync is set to make up for V-Sync’s shortcomings though it will be available only on NVIDIA GPU and a monitor with a G-Sync module.

The new notebooks from Asus, Gigabyte and others will be the first to sport the 75 Hz G-Sync panels. The laptops use the latest NVIDIA GPU, ranging from 965M to 980M. Though NVIDIA announced that 12 models will be showcased at CES, the company has only revealed details about the following: Asus G751 with GTX970M/980M; Gigabyte Aorus X7 with GTX 970M SLI and Gigabyte Aorus X5 with GTX 965M SLI; Clevo’s P770ZM-G and P750GM-Z, and MSI’s GT72 G.

As Clevo’s laptops undergo customization and are re-branded by other companies, more models likely to come with the same specifications. Though the premium-price of the laptops is not yet known, it is expected to carry the same price of Nvidia’s G-Sync desktop monitors. At the Computex event in Taipei, Nvidia also announced new desktop monitors with G-Sync modules: four models from Acer (XB271HK, XB281HK, X34, Z35) and three from Asus (PG279Q, PG27AQ, PG34Q). G-Sync not only works with GPU’s, but also with SLI setups in desktop and notebook cases.

On the software side, Nvidia is giving G-Sync a boost with two new features: games can now run in windowed mode, allowing multi-tasking, and ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) mode, suited for high frame rate games that require low input latency.

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