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DARPA and MIT’s Cheetah Robot can now see obstacles and jump perfectly

If you thought that robots are sluggish and bulky, then I suggest that you should think once again. Scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are here to prove you wrong with their Cheetah Robot that can presently run at a speed of 10 miles per hours and jump over hurdles as well.mit-cheetah-robot-jumping-landing

Well, this is not just good, but is certainly an outstanding achievement from the scientists at MIT. The Cheetah Robot running around at 10 miles per hour coupled with its jumping abilities is certainly one of the greatest achievements in Robotics all around the world.

This feat in Robotic engineering began last year when the scientists at MIT started working on an algorithm that allowed the Cheetah Robot to increase its speed according to the surroundings and need. For the ones who do not have a lot of knowledge in Robotics, let us state that after a certain speed has been reached while running, the algorithm might just be used to spread the legs and then you will have the Cheetah Robot galloping, which in turn can lead to much increased speed.

During the test on an indoor track, the Cheetah Robot was able to clock an astounding speed of 10 miles per hour. To add to it, the scientists believe that with more work, the Cheetah Robot can very well muster speed up to 30 miles per hour.

The recent additions to the Cheetah Robot will now allow it to jump over hurdles. The Cheetah Robot uses a visual system- LIDAR that uses laser beams to find out the obstacles in its path, their distances and height. The artificial intelligence allows it to exert the right amount of force in order to jump or evade the obstacles. The agility and performance are also based on the landscape on which it is running.

Video of MIT Cheetah Robot jumping/landing:

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