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GoPro partners with Google on the 360 degree VR camera tech [Video]

GoPro is a revolutionary brand that has changed the shape of the camera industry. The impact of GoPro is quite strong in the market and is reaching new heights with the tick of time. GoPro has declared its plan to develop a multi-camera array that will be capable of capturing the virtual reality videos. This announcement was made at the Google I/O conference on 28 May 2015.gopro-google-360-camera

GoPro has confirmed that Google is assisting its plan to make a new virtual reality system. The name of the GoPro array of cameras hasn’t been decided yet. It is a confirmed fact that the device will consist of sixteen Hero4 cameras tied together in order to rope them as one. The main idea behind the concept is to enable the cameras to capture everything at 360 degrees around them.

The anticipated GoPro cam will be available for purchase in the month of July and the sale will last only for six months. The cameras will be sold to the content creators chosen by Google. There is a doubt on who the content creators would be. They are more likely to be celebrities and YouTube stars.

Google has spilled the beans on the matter and said that the name of the 360 degree video technology will be “Jump”. The company is vying for this name because it aptly suits of what the technology can offer to the users. To make it more clear; it means that the GoPro’s virtual reality player, the camera array and a rendering engine will all be compatible with Google Cardboard.

The users will be able to mount these UFO shaped arrays of GoPro cameras on a tripod or even a big drone. The price of this device has not been confirmed yet, but speculations hold the fact that GoPro will announce its launch date soon.

360-degree video captured by GoPro camera arrays:

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