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Google Maps app to go offline by the end of 2015

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that soon users will be able to navigate through Google Maps in offline mode. The declaration was made keeping in mind, Sundar Pichai’s foreseeing vision against facilitating “grand theme of services” to its customers. The offline mode search will also include turn-by-turn voice navigational search even when they lack “super reliable connectivity”.google-maps-screenshot

The new offline functionality will soon be released to Google maps later this year, joining the YouTube offline option (available in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam). The option in YouTube will allow you to download and store YouTube videos on your mobile for about 48 hours.

Jen Fitzpatrick, Google’s vice president of engineering, said,

“With offline maps, you won’t need to suck down expensive data or have super reliable connectivity every time you want to navigate somewhere”

Google Maps have always been a savior whenever you’re in need it when travelling to unknown places or tracking down your  current location, but all this goes in vain when there is no internet connectivity. The world’s largest ‘Web-Search company’ claims that this add-on will enable users to utilize the app’s features in low connectivity situations like – on subways, in remote areas and on airplanes.

The offline Map users can see reviews of venues and allows them to go anywhere they want without any sort of internet connection. In the meanwhile, the users can even get turn-by-turn voice direction offline too, the company has unveiled this in annual Google I/O Developers Conference, 2015 in San Francisco.

The company said,

“Its goal is to make travelling and exploring new places for people easier”

It would come into picture when someone is in a coverage dead-spot in their town or city – for instance a parking garage or if while travelling to another country and you don’t have a local data plan, the spokesperson added.

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