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Passenger jet nearly collides with a drone in midair; green lasers target planes

A big confusion happened 2,700 feet up in the air when a drone nearly collided with a passenger jet in the air. The plane was flying towards New York’s LaGuardia Airport when the incident happened on Friday. The crew of Shuttle America Flight 2708 reported to have gone 200 feet up in order to avoid any sort of collision with the drone. The incident happened around 11am in the morning.drone-just-miss-passenger-jet

The passenger jet had 70 to 78 seats and it was coming from Washington D.C. and landed without major problems. The passengers on board sustained no injury. However, the incident could have turned out to be a big mishap, had the plane hit the drone.

Senator Charles Schumer, D.N.Y. expressed his concern about the drone use and asked for putting stricter limits for drones. He said, “Every drone that’s sold in the United States, whether it’s made here or abroad, can have built into the drone itself a mechanism that doesn’t let it fly in certain places.” Schumer was in the favor to ban the lasers saying, “Unless we do something, there’s going to be something very serious and very bad that happens with these green lasers.”

A couple of hours before the incident happened, five airline pilots reported to have been targeted by green lasers pointed out on their planes flying in the skies of New York and New Jersey on Thursday night. According to the experts, the green light can prove to be alarming as it can travel miles and can potentially make a pilot blind.

The Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “To try to impede a pilot flying a commercial flight with lots of people on it with a laser is reckless, dangerous behavior.”

The danger from a drone hitting an airplane lies in the fact that a drone can be sucked into the engine of the plane causing serious damage. The drone can prove to be stronger than birds and moreover, they have a certain path to fly and can’t be more receptive than a bird.

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