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The Sun-powered Solar Impulse Plane Starts its Pacific Flight

The Swiss-made Solar Impulse plane has already taken off for its round-the-world voyage. It is important to note that the sun powered Solar Impulse plane requires no fuel. It could prove to be very economical for the airlines.solar-impulse-plane

The solar impulse plane is going through a 8,000 Km journey from Nanjing, China to Hawaii. The flight was delayed a number of times because of the poor weather conditions over the Pacific. It was on Sunday, May 31 that the plane took off for its lengthy leg of the journey.

The Director of the Mission, Raymond Clerc expressed that the route taken by Solar Impulse will overlook South Korea and fly to the northwest of Japan before going towards the Pacific. The journey may span out to be of a longer duration than expected and the plane will potentially land in Hawaii on the evening of the sixth day.

A former fighter pilot Borschberg will control the flight for 130 hours. He has already expressed his excitement over the flight. Borschberg had already flown from Abu Dhabi to Oman during the first leg of the 35,000 Km journey of the plane. He also said that he would remember this flight for his entire life.

The cockpit of the solar impulse plane is 3.8 square meters in size and the special seat assigned to the pilot also lets him relax in the bed like incliner. If the weather is fine and no turbulence is experienced, the pilots can also leave the flight on the auto mode. However, the pilot can rest only 20 minutes at a time.

The aircraft is stuffed with oxygen bottles, a parachute and a life raft for the adverse circumstances. Solar Impulse had taken a long break in China since March. However, the pilots of the flight are excited for their next leg.

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