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Google I/O reveals big changes in Android 6.0, Brillo OS enters the IoT race

On Friday, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced the next version of its Mobile OS i.e. Android 6.0 code-named as ‘Android M’ at the Google I/O Developer’s conference 2015. The company has also unveiled the Brillo OS for Internet of Things, based on Android.google-io-conference-2015

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android said that the Android M will enable transactions at more than 700,000 stores across the United States. To stand strong in the emerging competitive tech market and to surpass its rival Apple, Google had to bring out the best.

The new Android M promises users – fast battery charging, more fingerprint-related features and a greater control over the information accessed by your devices. Also, users which will be able to designate which android app can access data such as – device location, contacts or device’s camera. But this can be considered as a trailer, the real big changes are still under the hood. The biggest change is the expansion of Google Now, considered to be the junction of information, reminders, maps and much more. As of now, Google Now pulls data from Google apps  to tell you – ‘when to leave for an appointment or when to check in for a flight.’

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Although, the Web-Search company has gained 79 percent of the global Smartphone market this year, less than a fraction of its last year’s coverage which is 81 percent. Google is truly investing to captivate its users and their loyalty onto its services, by dazzling them with new platforms using the software such as – television, autos and wearable devices.

Sundari Pichai, Google’s senior vice president mentioned in a statement,

“For M we have gone down to the basics. We have really focussed on polish and quantity.””We hope we can connect devices in a seamless and intuitive way,”

He added,

“The company’s announcements also included a new Google Photos app, which offers unlimited free storage of photos and videos, accessible from any device. The app allows users to edit and organize pictures and videos and share them through social media or with smaller groups”

Android M also introduced a new “Doze” mode (puts phone into a low-power-state when its motion sensors detect no usage for a while). Also, it supports USB Type C connectors that facilitate about 3 to 5 times faster charging as compared to micro-USB tech found in other handsets.

The stand-alone Web-streaming service, HBO Now, for movies and TV shows such as “Game of Thrones,” will be available across all of Google’s devices, including televisions and mobile gadgets. This collation gives HBO Now, better access to consumers with Android devices, whilst bringing Google parity with Apple TV.

Also, Google has showcased a new feature in its mobile software and also brings out more personalized notifications for its Google Now service. The all new, “Now on Tap” service allows the users to enter their queries directly in the Google within the application.

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