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Nintendo’s Splatoon Direct Event on May 31 in Japan: Fate of Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo Direct is basically an event series through which the vision as well as news of upcoming products of Nintendo is presented by this Japanese Company every 2 months. Latest news from Nintendo is expected to be related to 3DS and Wii U. This news would come before E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo, wherein since the year 1995, Nintendo is the participant. On May 2nd, the company has announced a new game, called as ‘Splatoon,’ hence the event will be completely focused on the new game – named the event as Nintendo Splatoon Direct.splatoon-game

E3 is basically for announcing several products of Nintendo like consoles. In the year 2013, Nintendo didn’t opt for a press conference, but thought of giving information in the form of pre-recorded videos to streamed news and live audience about the products.

The last presentations of Nintendo at E3 included Legend of Zelda as well as Super Smash Brothers for Wii.

On the May 31, presentation of Nintendo Direct would be seen for Japanese Audience. The information would be about release of their products in that particular region. The presentation would be done by the CEO and President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata. A Digital Event has been scheduled by Nintendo on the June 16 at E3.

The news about Wii U is expected because the predicted sales weren’t met. Original Wii was very successful owing to its friendliness towards adults and children alike with learnable menu and configuration and easy controls.

However  Wii U touchpad wasn’t as user friendly and so it didn’t help. People who were new to gaming had trouble in grasping it.

In Wii U, a touchpad is used and in this era, it isn’t a good idea. There are problems seen in Nintendo 3DS as well from competitors due to its slicker design and new look.

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