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Apple Inc. acquires Metaio, a renowned Augmented Reality firm

Metaio has been acquired by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) now. Metaio is a renowned company whose main specialization is in AR or Augmented Reality Software or computer vision solutions. This acquisition was confirmed firstly by TechCrunch on the May 22, Thursday in some report.apple-metaio

The incorporation of this new software would be seen in the maps application of Apple and would be unveiled next week at WWDC. When an inquiry of this acquisition was made, the standard reply was given by Apple stating, smaller tech companies are brought by Apple every now and then and that their plans or purpose is never discussed.

While the plans of Apple for this German company aren’t clear yet, it means, it would be a help in the ongoing research of the company in the sphere of Virtual Sphere and Augmented Reality.

Off late, rumors have been seen about the interest of Apple in both Augmented as well as virtual reality. On the basis of the patent of the company (video headset, motion sensing 3-D interface and 3-D hyper reality display) rumors get a substantial backing.

Software of this company has been used many a times for creating interactive experiences for various products. For instance, an AR showroom was created by Ferrari through which buyers get knowledge of the vehicles it offers. Metaio was also used in Berlin along with the historical footage so that travelers get some idea about the surroundings.

This month, first signs of problems were shown by the company wherein user conference was cancelled by it. Twitter account was also deactivated. Also, on the website it was posted that there wouldn’t be availability of subscriptions and products.

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