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Sony to roll out ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ PS4 patch next week

Launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 has not gone as expected as Sony planned. As the gamers started complaining of the lag in input, glitches, button that start screen refers is not exists and other issues, the Ultra Street Fighter IV on Sony Play Station 4 is not going well as expected.sony-ultra-street-fighter

Now Sony has announced that it will unveil a patch, which will be expected to launch on next week. There is no sort of additional information is available for the release of patch and other information such as what it’s addressing is not provided by the Sony.

Sony Director of Third Party Production Gio Corsi tweeted on Twitter as,

#USFIV #PS4 update: first patch being submitted tomorrow, will test and update you all with improvements. Thanks for all the support!

— Gio Corsi (@giocorsi)

Gio Corsi mentioned that once the first patch gets tested, the users will be updated regarding the next incoming improvements. On March 26th, Ultra Street Fighter IV was launched for PS4 and plagued with various numbers of bugs as well as menu slow down. Basically, Play Station games are meant for definitive version, which can be used for tournaments and offers improvements to graphics while comparing to PS3.

Finally, after number reports of glitches and problems with input lag, Capcom mentioned in a “Capcom Pro Tour will not use the Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 for tournament play” until this issue was rectified. Other tournament organizers are about to re-consider their decisions on which platforms they will feature USFIV. The CEO has already confirmed that the game will be played on Xbox 360. Now, it’s in the hand of Sony and Capcom to address the problem as soon as possible to rectify the problems. Otherwise, it will destroy the reputation of the game for PS4 console.

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