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Google I/O 2015 roundup: Android M, Google Photos, Brillo OS and other announcements

At Google I/O annual developer conference, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has wrapped up several things and unveiled them in a series of new as well as improved services. The much awaited future version of Android, called as Android M has been unveiled at the two day event in San Francisco.google-io-conference-2015

Here, I have rounded up all the announcements by search engine giant at the conference.

Android M: The prime of the conference is Android M, Google next version of the Android operating system. Google has unveiled its next version of operating system, a successor to Android Lollipop update and also provides a new cluster of implementations. The new update provides up a new way of payment methods, including pay merchants and also provides various privacy protection methods. The new version main concentrates on six major areas, includes customizable app permissions, enhanced app-linking capability, android pay and other features such as fingerprint sensor support. It also comes with a major feature that helps users to manage battery and makes the device to run longer.

Google Photos: Google Photos is a segregated application from the search engine giant and for Google+ social network with additional features. This application will provide a new way to organize photos and videos on your device and also lets you share as well as save the media for free of cost. The new service will automatically backup each and everything in your device from your device. Now Google Photos is available on Android and Apple devices, and allow you to share to all other platforms without leaving the application.

Brillo OS: The simplest form of the Android operating system, crafted especially for devices that made for internet sort of thing. The developer preview will be out by Q3 of this year.

HBO Now: Google has tied-up with HBO for HBO Now, an online service from HBO. Now, users can watch movies and shows from their mobile device itself, without paying for cable.

Android Pay: Another major expected one that allows users to pay via mobiles. With the help of fingerprint sensor, user can authorize the payments through their fingerprints in Apple Pay Purchases. Currently, Apple Pay will work in more than 700,000 stores in the United States.

Offline YouTube: Google comes with an exiting features, allows you to watch the video offline for 48 hours of time, right from the time you have searched. This feature is applicable for Google Maps too, the searched contents will be stored on the device for 48 hours.

Google project Tango Smartphone: Learn more here.

Now on Tap: Google Now has been improved than that of previous versions with more additional functionalities.

Android Auto: A hi-tech car transport system that can be adopted in cars. Around 35 car manufacturers were expected to roll out this feature in their cars.

Google Project Jacquard: Partnered with Levi’s to develop and produce smart clothes – learn more here.

Project Jump: This feature will let the users to take 360 degree virtual reality video with the help of 16 camera modules. Google has partnered with GoPro to develop virtual reality devices with 16 camera modules.

Quite interesting things right!, Stay updated with TheNextDigit for more updates on Google new features.

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