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Uber updates privacy policy after facing criticism over ‘God’s View’

Now, Uber’s app in iOS and the Android operating system can track your location only when it’s actively running. After the backlash of “God’s View”, the company has revised its privacy policy with the help of data-privacy experts and still, it can track its users.uberlogo_large_verge_medium_landscape

Uber’s increasing popularity across nations within such a short span of time and its recent blunder that caught fame as ‘God’s View’ led to wide criticism since its release in 2009. However, according to a recent citation at Uber’s Blog, The app has made significant changes in its privacy policy, that would allow Uber to ask for access to rider’s location while the app is running in the background and you can reach your destination much faster.

Katherine Tassi, Uber’s managing counsel of data privacy wrote in a blog post on Thursday,

‘Users will be in control – they’ll be able to choose whether to share their data with Uber’.

The company hired a third-party data privacy expert Harriet Pearson and her law firm Hogan Lovell in November. One of the firm’s recommendations for Uber was to simplify its privacy policies. As a result, the ride hailing company has nearly cut its privacy statements in half, Tassi said. Uber will pop-up a notification, when it needs access to rider’s location, while connecting drivers with passengers or like when the user wants to split their fare with another rider.

Also, the new privacy policy clearly states,

“With users consent to it, Uber can access your location data and contact data”

In addition, these new changes would allow Uber to launch new promotional features that use your contacts – like the ability to send special offers to rider’s friends or family members. The new policies will come into effect after July 15th of this year. To read more on Uber’s new privacy statement, log on to Uber’s website.

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