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Ecocapsule: The smallest house for your life off the grid

Each and every human being has wished at least for once that he or she would have lived a life completely off the grid for a week or so. In fact, some individuals have even achieved the feat by staying at locations that are way beyond. But now, you can easily have a life for yourself that can be termed as a life off the grid.464b503194f6332c85326ba0bf1538f5

Let us introduce Ecocapsule, a 14.6 ft. long and 7.4 ft. wide, small house for you. The tiny house has a height of 8.4 ft. making it one of the smallest houses where you can live, provided you are claustrophobic.

Ecocapsule is a small house that can seriously give you the aroma of having an off the grid life. The small egg shaped house is perfectly equipped to provide an excellent standard of life for you. The roof is equipped with 600 watt solar cells along with a 750 watt wind turbine to store energy that will harnessed into a high powered battery.

The battery will be able to pull off all the electrical needs that you might have during the course of the day. The Ecocapsule is also fitted with structure to collect rainwater, which in turn can be used for various purposes.

The Ecocapsule has been designed by Nice Architects from Slovakia. The designers have ensured that they take good care of the small interiors that the Ecocapsule has. It has a small folding bed, a dining area, a small kitchen, a toilet and some space for storage as well.

The price for the Ecocapsule has not been decided as of yet as the tiny house will make its first appearance at the Pioneers festival later this month in Vienna. The reports have it that the makers will start taking pre-orders for the Ecocapsule by the end of 2015.

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