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Android M to give Nexus devices a 2-year update guarantee

Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) I/O conference is now less than a week away and people are already talking about the successor to Android Lollipop, which has to be one straight step ahead. It will be interesting to follow what happens all along during the Google I/O conference as people await the next version of the mobile operating system, Android M.Rumors: Nexus devices with Android M to have all major updates for 2 years

The best thing about evolution is that it actually comes from the expectations that the human beings have. And human beings have a tendency to always expect more of what they have. The scenario is very much the same in this with the rumored Android M.

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According to the rumors, all the Nexus devices with Android M will get all the major updates to the operating system for the next two years. In addition, the devices will also be allowed the security patches for the operating system for an additional period of three years. What this means that in case you own an Android M device, you will have the ultimate operating system for a continuous period of two years.

Now, in case you are worried about the fact that you have an older Nexus device, you are not at a complete loss. Although, there is no surety that you will receive all the major updates to the operating system, but you will certainly get the security patches. In case you own a Nexus 4, Nexus 7 or Nexus 10, your devices will not be subjected to Android M, but you will not be needed to worry about security patches as well.

Some individuals believe that this whole thing about receiving all the updates and security patches for 2 years, is yet another stint to make Google devices famous among the mass. But the fact is that we will have to wait till the Google I/O conference to make further comments in this regard.

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