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Google Inc files patent for a creepy ‘Smart’ toys like Teddy Bear and Bunny Rabbit

A patent has been filed by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) for the creepy looking bunny rabbits or teddy bears that are connected to the internet and can keep a watch on the children. These devices would be capable of listening to the instructions and also interacting with homeowners for turning off or turning on the household appliances or switching on or switching off the lights just on a vocal command.google-toy-patent2

As per the patent, it has been described that the devices will turn their head towards the people and would listen to their instructions carefully before they send command to computer servers.

Recently, SmartUp, a legal tech firm spotted a 3-year old patent. As per the patent, these toys will include wireless connection to internet, motors, cameras, speakers as well as microphones. This device will look like a teddy bear or a bunny rabbit and other options will include alien forms or dragons. As per this patent, if the machine looks cute, it will encourage young members of the family too.

It is suggested that with toys, various devices can be controlled right from DVD players to Televisions, lights, motorized window curtains and home thermostats. As per the spokesperson of Google “Some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don’t.”


These toys that have a likelihood of haunting nightmares of adults and kids might run on Brillo OS. There are rumors that this software supports low-powered devices with 32GB or 64RAM. Google has full intentions of connecting this Plaything to the IoT scenario wherein devices can interact with each other easily.

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