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Mozilla changes $25 smartphone plan, recruits Firefox iOS app beta testers

The time is near, Mozilla is ready to launch its Firefox browser for iOS. As the dates for the launch comes near, it can be seen that Mozilla is trying very hard to ensure that the application is verified and tested thoroughly before being launched in the App store. Even the company has changed the course of direction of its Firefox OS for phones, aiming at quality and affordable mobile OS instead of focusing on low-priced devices.Firefox recruiting potential testers for its iOS app

According to the recent reports, the web browser maker is recruiting quite a few potential beta testers for the Firefox app for iOS. This comes as an astonishment to quite a few individuals as the company had been bent on not developing the Firefox application for iOS, because Apple was not allowing them to work on it.

Things changed a few months back, as the company stated that they were now working on a web browser that would provide a browsing experience similar to Mozilla’s Firefox. But it seems now, that the application that the iOS users will have is not just similar to the Firefox web browser, but it might well exactly be Firefox for iOS devices. The reports have it that Firefox for iOS will basically be an interface, while underlying will be WebKit and Nitro JavaScript engine. The fact that Mozilla is not putting its own technology under the hood has already raised quite a few eyebrows.

The reports also suggest that Mozilla has already instructed a few testers to test the Beta version of Firefox for iOS. The makers claim that the Beta version will have a few bugs in it as well as might break at any point of time. This is the very reason why, they are looking forward to have a go from the potential testers, so that they can have a proper knowledge of what needs to be done before the Firefox app is launched into the app store.

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