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Apple Inc.’s TV streaming service could be delayed due to Local TV’s addition

If Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launches the TV service program, most probably it won’t be the first company to provide TV services and subscriptions over the Web. There are several numbers of companies that offer TV services over the web, but Apple will be the first to offer one thing that competitors don’t have. Apple will provide programs from local TV stations, that other rival don’t have still.apple-tv-remote-touchpad

Executives who were familiar with Apple’s plan says that, Apple wants to provide all sorts of local broadcast stations in its TV services, and it will help the company to get distinguished from all other services. Due to the negotiations with the broadcast TV networks, the complications have been increased a lot. Most of the broadcasters don’t own all local stations or a franchise system.

It will take some time to get the rights to show the local TV programs and commercials. For example, ABC has spent almost two years of time in getting all sorts of rights to show live programs through its watch app and its viewer limit remains inside eight cities only. Some sources confirm us that, providing digital feeds requires the broadcasters to go for new infrastructures to stream the programs.

The company might announce its plans at the Worldwide Developers Conference, starts at off June 8. Apple idea for TV program will create a new marketing muscle to promote the TV program and in the meanwhile, this plan will create a new revenue stream for the company. The company has planned to propose an alternate for the pay-TV bundle, which creates a new industry for TV programs.

Apple interest in local TV programs increases the popularity of the Web TV and it will bring out local TV channels to a worldwide range. Apple believes that local TV channels are also a part of the network and it will be a face for the network.

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