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World Turtle Day: Things you should know

The 23 May of each year is celebrated as World Turtle’s Day in view of all kinds of turtles and tortoises. This annual observance was created by, American Tortoise Rescue in 2000 in order to raise awareness of the animals, their welfare and their increasingly threatened habitats.world-turtle-day

According to the World Turtle Day Facebook page, Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson, Turtle Day founders together targeting rehabilitation of reptiles and also acting towards to assist the law enforcement in “investigating and retrieving abused or neglected turtles.”

Susan Tellem, founders of Turtle day mentioned in the site as,

“Organizations across the world’ are hosting a World Turtle’s Day including India, Australia and many other.”

Additionally, Wildlife Centre of Virginia in Waynesboro has also participated and celebrated in the “World Turtle Day” to preserve the ecology of the Turtles. Currently, Virginia center has 24 Turtles and nurturing them in a good way. The Centre held educational workshops to encourage people and to create awareness, against increasing cruelty and illegal sales of turtles and tortoises throughout the week, as a small contribution towards preserving this endangered species.

Amanda Nicholson, director of outreach at the Wildlife Center of Virginia said,

“We encourage everyone to take the ‘turtle promise’ which is, ‘I promise to leave the turtles alone, unless I’m helping them cross the road. The wildlife center reminds people that turtles should not be removed from their natural habitat.”

Things that You can do:

  • Never, ever buy a Turtle or a Tortoise from the pet shop or a store; this will increase the demand from the forest.
  • Until a Turtle or a Tortoise is injured or sick, do not take them from the wild.
  • Suppose, If you’re finding a Turtle or a Tortoise in a busy street, then pick it up and put it in the same direction, where it was previously going. If you’re trying to make it go back, they will turn back to the original direction only.
  • Report the sales of a Turtle or a Tortoise, which is less than four inches.


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  1. Turtle day is May 23. It got past me this year, but now we all can know it when next year rolls around.

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