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2016 to see 38 more Emojis to take the field

Emoji is the new language that has given the humans a all new way to express their feelings. To speak the truth, Emojis have taken the world by a swirl and literally more that 70% of the humans who are into some sort of chatting along the internet, know very well, how important Emoji’s have turned out to be. To be true, over the past few years, Emoji’s have actually formed a vast majority of the conversation that we have with our friends and family online. It seems that the era of making proper sentences in conversation is nearly gone.2016 to see 38 more Emojis to take the field

We already have a lot of emojis in the media which are used more often that not for expression emotions like love, anger, sadness, joke, etc.. To be true, it seems to be that the idea that such expressions an be expressed in a completely different way is gone all together. With the innumerable emoji’s that we have already, various reports suggest that there are more emojis coming through by the end of the year 2016. The rumors have it that the upcoming set of emojis will have specimens of a lying face, a face palm, a selfie sign, etc..

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The California based Unicode Consortium has stated that they will be officially rolling out 38 more emojis by 2016, which makes more emojis available to express yourself and that too via less words. Many individuals believe that the emojis are hugely responsible for the gradual fall in liking to the general mode of communication via full sentences.

Speaking from a personal point of view, the use of emojis has certainly reduced the length of the tests or mails that I send and I believe this is the situation of many others. But it will be wrong to state that emojis are responsible for anything. Emojis are fun to send as well as fun to receive.

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