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Cleaning of California Beach Town in full swing After the oil spill

A substantial number of cleaning workers gathered up on Friday in order to scoop the oil deposits that were caused due to the oil spill. After the rupture of oil pipeline, thousands of gallons of oil got dumped into the picturesque ocean.california-oil-spill

The scenic state beach and its neighbor El Captain were closed for tourists on the America’s Memorial Day weekend due to the oil spill caused on Tuesday. The oil spill caused plastic bags to pile up and the smell of the oil could be sensed by people situated kilometers away from the oil spill location.

The workers have pulled up their sleeves in order to clean up the mess caused by the incident, however the rocks were still found coated in oil. According to a Coastguard spokesman David Mosley, “The beaches are starting to look a lot better than they did a couple of days ago, but still it will be a long process. Something like that, it can take days or weeks to get back to pre-spill.”

As many as 300 workers were appointed for the cleanup work and new teams are also yet to arrive the location. A great number of volunteers are also participating in the cleanup operation, making it easy for the authorities to finish the task soon. These volunteers are given a brief intro about the work before handling them the task.

It is believed that about 105,000 gallons of oil had spilled. Only a portion of it made it into the ocean, but that did enough to form an oil slick ranging 14Kms. The workers were also dedicated to cleaning the hill that overlooks Refugio beach, which is basically the location of the rupture.

A senior director of Plains All America Pipeline Patrick Hodgins commented that it could take several months before concluding what happened to the 2 ft pipeline that was constructed back in 1987.

The health effects of the spill on people are making the authorities worry a lot. People might get skin irritation and headaches due to it. The authorities are also trying to figure out the ill effects of the oil spill on animals.

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