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Report: Android to introduce native Fingerprint authentication in next version

Google Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) next Android update might come up with a new security feature, full support for fingerprint sensors. Google has planned to unveil the support for fingerprint authentication in the Android M operating system.android-fingerprint-authentication

BuzzFeed has reported that, soon Google will launch a unique API (Application Programming Interface) for fingerprint sensor, allows the developers to incorporate fingerprint access or authentication into their applications. The company is yet to officially announce the native support for fingerprint support for its Android M operating system, the next version of operating system for mobile devices, the follow-on to Lollipop update.

After the release of the Android Lollipop operating system, it is highly expected for the launch of the Android M operating system. However, the native fingerprint support is mostly predicated on the company launching Android M.

Native fingerprint support may be an additional feature of the Android operating system and helps to take down IOS software, which already has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor for both OS as well as third-party applications. Google has declined to comment for the fingerprint sensor support, but few devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has already bundled with fingerprint sensors.

Till now, the functionality of the fingerprint sensor is to unlock the devices. By release of native fingerprint sensor support, more functionalities can be easily done. For instance, a user can access their banking application using a fingerprint access and even they can make payments via fingerprint authentications too.

Previously, Google has added a fingerprint sensor as a feature in Nexus 6, the Google flagship handset manufactured by Motorola. At last, the specification was scrubbed during the official release of the device. After seeking the past and recent internet leaks, we can sure the Google will release support for fingerprint sensor in its upcoming OS update.

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