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New Software from Google to protect journalists

In a move to protect Human rights groups and news organisations from cyber attacks, Google Inc has launched a new technology in its package of services. The company on Monday said that the new package is aimed at supporting “free expression” across the web.


The company in a presentation in New York also launched a new technology known as uProxy that would allow citizens of some countries to bypass censorship of websites by government or during surveillance of users browsing the web. Google Chrome and Firefox would be receiving the software after its release, though it would not be available for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for now.

Google would also release a real time map that would bring up cyber-attacks happening around the world. The are some of the best products from Google Ideas, a R&D center which the company established in 2010. Another initiative known as “Project Shield” in which Google would provide hosting service to protect sites from distributed denial-of-service attacks from the Government.

Though funded by Google uProxy was developed by University of Washington with Brave new software, a nonprofit group. An encrypted connection is created by the software between users that would resemble a virtual private network, a method that Chinese web experts are aware of. The software would be of great use to China where most of the social media sites are blocked by the Great Firewall.

Google also said uProxy is in the process of testing.

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