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Facebook adds Chat ID to Messenger including job title, current city and country

Recently, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has planned to give some hints to the users before the consider responding to the message through Facebook Messenger. FB Messenger will now share biographical information of the users such as current city, job title and other relevant information of the people, you haven’t chatted before will appear in the application. The update has rolled out for iOS and the Android operating system in various countries such as U.S., U.K., France and India.facebook-chat-id-information-messenger

For instance, if you’re receiving a text from a stranger, or a person who’re not ‘friend’ with, Facebook Messenger will show addition information such as “Tech Blogger” from “California”. The above piece of information will jog your memory to identify the person, and you can easily remember that person using the new feature. By knowing that, you know that person, you can reply well for the messages rather than stubbing “hey… Who are you?? .. When we met?”. The application will pull out all sorts of information from the user profile and display it in the message box, if a stranger messages you for the first time.

The new feature, so-called Chat ID, follows the release of Hello, a caller ID app for Android OS, intercept the phone calls and shows the information about the users – whether they are spammers or not. Both Chat ID and Caller ID allow the Facebook users to increase their interest in connecting with others. This application offers all sorts if information regarding the person and provide all contexts of that person in your life.

In the meanwhile, the tool will help for the professional life of a person too. This feature will mostly avoid spammy contents in the Facebook by providing all sorts of original information of a person, whom you’re talking with. Facebook is still keeping on implementing various features in its platform to make it more unique than others.

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