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Brillo OS being developed by Google for low-powered Internet of Things

It seems that now Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) wants to concentrate more on low-end power devices like security cameras and smart light bulbs that come with 32MB or 64MB RAM. Now, under the name of Android, this company is putting efforts in a new software as it would be linked to the Android unit of the company.android-google-campus

As per The Information’s report, a new OS is being developed by Google, which has a nickname Brillo. This would be mainly for IoT or Internet of Things devices or low power devices. Since the smart-household technology number is on a rise, this move taken by the company will definitely prove to be beneficial.

As per the report, it was stated that manufacturing light bulbs, smart fridges and other smart home appliances can be easy with this technology. This OS is beneficial for Google because it is the owner of NestLabs, a company manufacturing security cameras, smoke alarms and smart thermostats.

Fortune confirmed Google’s plan and wrote:

The plan is to launch the code at Google’s I/O event next week. These operating systems are designed to be very small and take up very little memory so they can run on chips that might act as the brains of a smart lock or even a connected sensor. The world of these real-time operating systems as they are called is very fragmented, with most of the ones in use today being dictated by the chip. Most chipmakers provide an RTOS, as they’re known, that works with the chip.

If most of these devices tend to run on Brillo, Google would easily get a good amount of information related to the daily routine of the user as to when they use ovens, when do they sleep etc.

It is expected that the launch of this OS would be seen in the upcoming conference of Google I/O developers, which would be held from the May 28 in San Francisco. It is also said that Android’s upcoming edition would be launched at the same event. It has been mentioned by Google as of now that the new Android edition would be having codename M and tighter security and better device integration would be featured. So let us wait and see as to whether Brillo would help make Google the backbone of smart home appliances or not.

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