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Apple Inc.’s Watch OS upgraded – Steps to download it

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s own smartwatch ‘Watch’ has been amidst the conversations since its announcements. But sadly, the wearable from the iPhone makers could not stand up to the expectations of quite a few individuals. Many first user reports suggest that Apple could not hit the sweet spot with the first generation Apple Watch.apple-watch

The reports included various issues related to the hardware as well as the software. Now, Apple Inc. is all set to roll out the first software update for the Apple Watch. This update will take the Watch OS to a newer version at 1.0.1.

According to the reports, the update has been designed very carefully by Apple Inc. The update includes general fixes to the bugs found initially on the Apple Watch. In addition, the update also includes a few performance improvements as well as an improved display support for the new set of Emoji characters.

The update will also bring new and improved performance for Siri coupled with a much better calorie burn calculations as well as outdoor workouts. The reports also suggest that the upgrade will also improve the performance of the third party applications to a great extent. Apple has also extended support for 7 more languages for the Apple Watch. The languages include Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian Portugese, Turkish, Thai and Russian.

Here are the steps to upgrade your Apple Watch OS.

  1. Make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to the power and has more that 50% charge left in it.
  2. The next step includes connecting the Apple Watch to a WiFi.
  3. Then open Apple Watch application on your connected device, go to My Watch tab and then General and lastly click on software update.
  4. You will be able to see the download process go through. The Apple Watch will reboot, once completed.
  5. Make sure you remember your iPhone or Apple Watch, as you might need it sometime.

Many users have already updated their Apple Watch OS to the newer version Watch OS 1.0.1. The general reports suggest that quite a  few bugs have been removed, with a seemingly better performance. It seems that Apple Inc. has taken care of the needs of Apple Watch and also ensured that they can improve on what they have in hand now. We might just be needed to wait a few more days to get a detailed report.

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