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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Windows 10 for Mobile: Universal OS in making?

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) move to enter into the market of mobile operating system, shows us that Microsoft has planned to push itself in the mobile OS market with the release of Windows 10.lumia-windows-10-technical-preview

The above acts also tie with Satya Nadella’s much cited slogan “mobile-first, cloud-first” and clearly shows us the company is pushing its current market to compete with its rivals such as Apple Inc (AAPL) and Google Inc (GOOG). Nadella action will push well north of Microsoft’s current market into the market where other competitors are dwarfed by the giants such as Google and Apple. The mobile industry has no rooms for newcomers or for those who doesn’t care for their customers, the amount of money spent by Google and Apple on their OS development, keeps them always high.

Microsoft has used its new OS, to enter into the emerging mobile operating system market and makes few steps to effectively take control of that market. In the meanwhile, Microsoft has tied up with Cyanogen, in terms of any sort of software compatibility for mobile applications on Windows 10 mobile. The more interesting part is that, Microsoft’s “Universal Applications” allows us to use the same applications in all sorts of Microsoft’s platforms.

It always proves us, the OS, which allows its users to extend it to multiple devices, always wins the battle. The Universal Application may be a winning factor for the Microsoft in the mobile OS market.  Additionally, Microsoft’s push for mobile computing is a more or less a trick against other rivals and in the future, Microsoft Windows 10 will be an extraordinary OS, which won’t be an open source like Android or a closed one like iOS.

Microsoft is taking much more benefit from being a middle ground between iOS and Android. Microsoft aims to deliver a uniform experience to all sorts of users at a same time and meanwhile, looking to increase its reputation among the market entirely filled with its rivals.

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