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Apple Inc. gets partial win in patent battle against Samsung, $930M settlement to be reduced

The U. S Appeals court delivered a new twist in the ongoing court battle between Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung legal battle. Though the court has upheld the infringement verdict, but the court disagreed on another ruling, and has sent case back to trial for reassessment of damages.apple-vs-samsung-verdict

The $930 million verdict will be reconsidered, and is likely to get a 40 percent cut. Both the parties are set to face financial repercussions, following the partial-win verdict. The court overturned the decision which claimed that Samsung had copied the Apple iPhone’s designs like shapes of icons and rounded corners known as ‘trade dress’ law. The law upholds the individual design of a device.

“This is a victory for design and those who respect it,” said Apple on Monday.

The Federal Circuit in Washington D.C upheld the major verdict for patent infringement violations that protects the shape and color of iPhones, and the damages awarded for the same. Samsung welcomed the court ruling and stated that it remains confident that its products do not infringe on Apple’s design patents and intellectual property. However Samsung and Apple view the ruling as good news.

The reassessment of damages will favor Samsung as they have been cleared of the trade dress infringement. Samsung hopes that the damages will be reduced by $382 million. The case that began in 2012, see its second award cut from $1.05 billion to $930 million.

The long Apple-Samsung patent battle began when former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was alive and pursued the South-Korean company for patent infringement.

Samsung stated that the damages were unprecedented and unexpected. It also argued that it should not be made to pay such a high amount for the “rectangular, round-cornered, flat-screened, touch-screened phone,” and the features were basic. Apple in turn countered  that what Samsung did was “shameless copying,” to increase it market share.

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