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Here’s the US military’s new war pigeons – ‘Cicada’ mini drones

U.S. Army scientists have come up with new up with one more efficient weapon of war ‘Cicada,’ that allows US military to take an advantage in the war and civil missions. Scientists have invented a micro disposable air drone that has an ability to fly like a bird, once they are dropped from an aircraft or from any large drone.cicada-us-military-mini-drone

The newly invented drones named as “cicada,” helps in targeting submarines of enemies as well as spying enemy troops in the war missions. These drones are guided by a GPS system and consists of disposable air vehicles, which makes the drone to glide similar to a bird.

Aaron Kahn, a flight controls engineer, from the Naval Research Laboratory said,

“The idea was why can’t we make UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) that have the same sort of profile. We will put so many out there, it will be impossible for the enemy to pick them all up.”

The size of the drone doesn’t matter here, they can travel up to 75 mph, and flies more silently, since they have no sorts of propulsion system found in it. The cost of the prototype is around $1000, and in future, it may come down around $250.

In the meanwhile, Daniel Edwards, an aerospace engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory said

“It looks like a bird flying down; it is very difficult to see.” and added, “They are robotic carrier pigeons. You tell them where to go, and they will go there. They’ve flown through the trees. They’ve hit asphalt runways. They have tumbled in gravel. They’ve had sand in them. They only thing that we found that killed them was desert shrubbery.”

In the year 2011, the device was able to survive its first flight test. The drone was dropped from the altitude of 17500 meters and managed to reach its target within 3 meters of its actual target. These drones are astonishingly tougher and come with a seismic detector too. Depending on the users, the devices can be used for various purposes such as traffic updates, weather forecasting etc.

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