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Last 10,000 year-old Antarctic ice shelf, to disintegrate soon

A NASA study has found that the last massive ice shelf in Antarctic is weakening, and is set to disintegrate in a few years. In 2002, NASA found an ice shelf called Larsen B and 1,250 miles of the frozen material slid into the ocean.15-092.0.0

The remnant of the ice shelf covers about 1,800 square km, about half the size of Rhode island. Scientists believe that the abnormal breakdown of ice was caused by the hot summers. Though it remained doubtful if the ice shelf would survive, researchers have confirmed that it would last only for a few years. Ala Khazendar of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated that it’s extremely worrisome as ice shelves play a major role in the planet’s health.

“We expect it will not last for a few more years to come,” says Khazendar.

From January, there is rapid breakdown of ice shelves, and by April much of it had drifted into the sea. These ice shelves act as a barrier to the glaciers, slowing their pace into the ocean, but the new findings reveal that glacial ice will enter the water faster, eventually rising sea levels. Khazendar explains that glaciers are thinning and speeding eight time more than it was in 2002. In a decade, several large ice shelves will face premature deaths. The ice shelves have existed for more than 10,000 years

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