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Greanpeace ‘kayaktivists’ stage protest over Shell’s Arctic drilling

A substantial number of activists have taken to the water in order to protest against the plan of Shell to set up a drilling rig in the Arctic. These activists are referred to as “Kayaktivists” as they are protesting while floating on the waters.arctic-drilling-protest-shell.si

These activists have adorned life jackets and wetsuits to hit the water for raising their voice against the plans of Shell to make a drill in the Arctic Ocean. The protest has taken the name of “Shell No” and it’s held nearby to the dock of Shell’s Polar Pioneer drilling rig.

The kayakers have arranged themselves in a typical formation and they are hoisting signs and banners that state, “Climate Justice,” “Oil-Free Future” and “We can’t burn all the oil on the planet and still live on it.” A number of activists were seen with posters and red scarfs with the Shell logo having crossed kayak paddles underneath.

The executive director of the environmental group Greenpeace USA, Annie Leonard believes that there are an ample of reasons why companies shouldn’t drill in the Arctic. The companies should focus rather more on the renewable energy considering the climate change impacting the world. According to Leonard, “Why would we invest in an energy source that scientists say is leading us to catastrophe?”. A good number of people are also afraid of an oil spill in the region that may cause disaster on many different levels.

Greg Huyler, who is a scuba diver, also stood in the protest with a head shake in disappointment over Shell’s plan to drill in the Arctic. According to him, “It’s a bunch of crap. The problem is, all of these kayaks are petroleum products, and they’re going to gripe about drilling for oil. And 90 per cent of them drove here in cars that use petroleum products.”

The other protestors were also wary of the disasters it could cause to the nature. Alli Harvey, who is the representative from Alaska for the Sierra Club’s Our Wild America Campaign said, “Science is as clear as day when it comes to drilling in the Arctic: the only safe place for these dirty fuels is in the ground.”

The Arctic is home to almost 30 percent of the undiscovered natural gas in the world. The website of Shell says, “This amounts to around 400 billion barrels of oil equivalent, 10 times the total oil and gas produced in the North Sea to date. Developing Arctic resources could be essential to securing energy supplies for the future, but it will mean balancing economic, environmental and social challenges.”

The protestors are not giving up on their battle against Shell’s idea to drill in the Arctic. We will have to wait and see how the company acts on the matter. Learn more at ShellNo.org.

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  1. Morons. Using oil products to protest against oil. Not sure why they think they have a right to block ships. All the Shell Vessel needs to do is slowly approach it's destination. Kayaks have to get out of the way, it's maritime law. If they don't get out of the way it's their fault if they get hit or injured. Stupidity at every level. Especially since she'll wants to drill for natural gas not oil. Just run them over, world is better off without retarded liberal activists.

  2. So let me see here…A stop Shell Oil Protesters apparent check list…
    Petrolium by products made our ropes, CHECK !…
    Petrolium by products made our Kayaks, CHECK !
    Tank of gas for the car so we can all drive…seperately…from around the country… to our "SHELL NO ! " protest, CHECK !
    More petrolium by products for the manufacture of our signs, hard hats, sleeping platforms while suspended from the bridge, gotta have the best accomodations to protest don't cha know…Etc., etc. at NAUSIUM….
    The ONLY message a logic based mind can get from this is "Do as we say, NOT as we do"….
    I'm not so sure that parents that smoke make much of an impression when telling their children about the dangers of tobacco…
    Am I the only person that noted that as the protesters were doing their little thing this morning…The ONLY things that came to a stop were PEDESTRIAN and BICYCLE traffic being kept off of the bridge ?… Even as those demonic, fossil fuel burning cars and trucks sped past over their heads….
    Which seems to be a perpetual fact of life for these folks…
    Most LOGICAL thinking seems to do the same for them…
    Right over their heads.

  3. Petrolium based products are used in virtually everything they are wearing,driving,hanging from, and floating in, etc…
    When questioned about that, one of their supporters reply was something to the effect of …The question was irrelevent because, as they saw it, just asking such a question was merely to distract attention from their cause….
    I wonder if anyone out there that smokes…Who is also a parent, is successful at explaining to their children the dangers of tobacco use ?
    The "Do as we say, NOT as we do" explaination is a failed way of expressing your opinions, or concerns…
    Which brings us around to the illogical basis for this, and other, such protests…
    The reason that it is illogical to continue protesting in this way is proven best by the example I stated at the begining of my post, as evidenced by the very people protesting…
    They are all using petrolium based products in virtually everything they are using, and doing because…
    There is no VIABLE alternative to the use of oil.
    If there is, then stop your Sophomorish, and infantile protesting and give us an example of just how great those VIABLE alternatives are.
    THAT'S how you teach a lesson.
    Just out of curiosity… if you DO get your way and do away with Shell and other companies…
    How are you gonna get your little petrolium by product tainted rowboats to the river ?
    MAX maybe ?

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