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Giant squid with large tentacles found in New Zealand beach [Video]

A giant squid with large tentacles, stretches around 16 feet long gets settled on the shores of New Zealand’s South Bay near Kaikoura. The gigantic breed washed up by the waves and beached on the shores in Kaikoura.giant-squid-new-zealand

The creature measures 23 feet long, right from its top to bottom and the eyes are around 7.5 inches in diameter. In order to send the creature’s specimens to various research organizations around the globe, the body is kept in the freezer to prevent decay. The specimen is kept in the freezer with a large window that enables the visitors to look the giant squid. At present, the Kaikoura Marine Center and Aquarium housing the giant mammoth marine creature in a giant freezer and kept it for visitors.

Megan Lewis of the Kaikoura Marine Center and Aquarium said,

“The majority of its weight is in the head, which is in pristine condition. There’s no indication of how it died — the stomach was full so it wasn’t hungry. Before the birds got to it — we got help to move it to the aquarium where it is safe inside a freezer with glass windows so you can see it — on display until we can do more with it,”

Officials have identified the giant squid as a mature female and still it is under identification – how she died and how old she was. Squids were the symbol of legends and lore for several centuries, current one allows us to identify the anatomy of the creature.

In the past, the sailor’s story told us, the gigantic squids were capable of destroying their ships and troubles them. But in reality, the creature lives deep in the sea, far away from the shore. Previously, when the dead bodies of squids beached on the shores, they may quickly decompose and leaves very little bit of evidences regarding their anatomy. The current one shows that, it had a deadly battle with another, giant squid. Still, it is in a big dilemma to understand the life cycle as well as the behavior of these creatures which includes social structures and ecology too.

The specimen is planned to award to the various laboratories and other research centers. This will help the researchers study more about the exact anatomical structure of the giant mammoth animal. The body will be kept in the frozen state and till it is in Marine center, the body will be shown to guests and visitors.

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