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Following the train accident, Amtrak takes the responsibility to enhance safety

The Federal officials have instructed Amtrak to ensure enhanced safety by using a speed restriction system on the northbound rails of Philadelphia. It was recently that a train reached the speed of 106 mph, took the off route and crashed. It killed 8 people and the matter was taken very seriously by the authorities.amtrak-train-accident

An emergency order is to be issued in the coming days, which would call for Amtrak to ensure the safety of passengers on the trains by exercising a control over the speeding patterns. An automatic train control system will be sanctioned to the trains that will notify the driver when it exceeds the speed limit. Breaks will be applied automatically if the driver does not respond to the emergency call in such situations.

The Southbound trains are already using this system. Amtrak has vowed to abide by the conditions put by a federal directive on Saturday. The train that got derailed was coming from Washington D.C. and going to New York. It took the off route from its original trail and got derailed injuring 200 people and 8 of those remained critical in the Philadelphia hospitals.

The investigators are making it a point to look into the matter and to figure out why the train speeded to 106 mph in a zone that called for a speed of 50mph. The FBI has started the investigation into the matter and assumptions are that the train’s windshield hit an object right before the train got derailed.

The Federal Railroad Administration said, “In areas where approach speed is significantly higher than curve speed, the appropriate technology intended to prevent over-speed derailments must be implemented immediately.”

The frequency of sign boards alerting the engineers and conductors of the alarming speeds will be increased. The president of Amtrak Joseph Boardman believes that the company will employ a next generation positive train control system by the end of the year. The new system uses GPS, wireless radio and computers in order to prevent trains from crossing the speed limits.

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