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Microsoft to push Windows 10 updates directly; Carriers to be sidestepped

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has probably taken one of the most important decisions, which will certainly put them ahead of Android and at par with iOS. According to the reports, the company has decided to completely sidestep the carriers from the field in regard to the release of Windows 10. Fragmentation of the release on an upgraded system has always been the issue with Android and it has caused a lot of resentment among the users as well. Microsoft does not want the same to happen with its devices as well.Microsoft to push Windows 10 directly; Carriers to be sidestepped

Since the arrival of Satya Nadella and the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft has taken some bold steps in redefining the Windows Phones. Speaking from the position that Windows Phones find themselves in the market, many individuals believe that this a bold move taken by Microsoft. On the other hand, some experts believe that is Microsoft can leave aside fragmentation of the release of Windows 10 on the Windows Phones, they will certainly gain quite a few loyal customers.

According to the post published on Microsoft’s Blogging Windows Blog, the company has stated that they will follow a continuous update process to all the Windows 10 devices including all the compatible Windows Phones as well. This practically means that all the devices compatible with Windows 10 will receive the updates at the same time.

Apple follows a similar strategy with the release of iOS updates. Unlike in case of Android, carriers will have no say in how and when the update for Windows 10 should be released across the various devices. The sad thing is that even if Microsoft want to release the updates on the same day, most of the users will not be able to receive the updates. The main reason is that the carriers might just take a few month to roll out the OS to all the compatible devices.

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