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Scientists unveil the first warm blooded fish, Opah

Many scientists believe that the animal kingdom is one of the most interesting accumulation of entities, which is yet to be realized and sought after by the humans. Well, the words seem true as the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has had quite an interesting finding to boast of recently. Before actually getting into the matter, lets us just clear off what we know. It is known to all that a fish is a cold blooded animal, but we all probably had the wrong knowledge, in the case of Opah.Scientists unveil the first warm blooded fish, Opah

According to the report, the NOAA has recently discovered the world’s first war blooded fish, named Opah Lampris guttatus. Opah can be considered as one of the few exceptionally out of the league things that exist in nature. The NOAA has published its findings in the journal Science, which primarily puts a focus on the exceptional and unusual qualities of Opah. What makes things more interesting is that Opah does not show any abnormal behavior when compared to a general cold blooded fish.

The Opah is a deep sea fish, who is also a part of the predator class. It has a peculiar set of gills that runs warm blood instead of the normal cold blood. The fact that the scientists have marked Opah as a warm blooded fish comes as a result to a 8 month long research. The scientists used various temperature sensors and satellite tags in order to know how the fish regulates its warm body temperature in spite of living in the deep seas.

The Opah can also increase the temperature of its heart, allowing it to dive deeper into the seas. Previously, tuna fishes have been known to heat up some parts of their body by a phenomenon called regional endothermy, but nothing like Opah has been seen before.

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