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Google to add ‘Buy’ button to its mobile search results soon

Google is set to add ‘Buy’ button to search results in the next few weeks, allowing users to purchase directly from search results pages. The buttons will be added under a “Shop on Google” option on the top of the search page.google

The move is aimed at competing with online retail giants like eBay and Amazon. Users will be taken to a Google product page that will allow them to purchase items from retailers. Google will add the ‘Buy’ buttons only to the paid ad search results while the other results will be displayed without the feature. Google is testing our the feature currently, and it will be available on mobile search results.

Google will generate revenue from retailers instead of commission based on the ‘Buy’ button. Google is already facing a tough time in the European Union, for dominating the search engine market. However, Google has claimed that its shopping results were not harming the business of online retailers like Amazon and eBay. Smaller online retailers are concerned about the move as purchasing products from their page could lead to loss of brand identity.

Retailers in the Google program will have the option of inviting customers to their marketing campaign, and can collect user information. Google will save the payment information before the user is transferred to the retailer for purchase. Google has not officially confirmed the release date, though it is expected to be added around the time of the annual I/O developers conference.

Facebook and Twitter are also working on similar methods, to allow users to purchase without leaving the sites. In spite of its ease of use, users are likely to visit a particular online retailer for buying goods as the selection of items in search results will be limited.

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