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United Airlines unveils ‘bug bounty’ program for finding bugs

This week, United Airlines has announced a ‘bug bounty’ program for researchers or hackers to find security bugs. The move comes weeks after a security researcher found that he was able to hack into the flight’s system and control oxygen mask system.united-airlines-sues-22-year-old-for-beating-the-system-image-1

Chicago-based United will offer 1 million flier miles to any individual who can find bugs in its systems, and the system that protects personal information. A few weeks ago, Chris Roberts found the issue and advised the company on the lack of cybersecurity. However, critics claim that the company is being cheap by not offering rewards, and the program is limited only yo its website instead of inviting hackers to find bugs in the flight system.

“At United, we take your safety, security, and privacy seriously,” said United in its website.

United stated that it is committed to protecting consumers privacy and personal data, and it is the first of the kind in the airline industry. The company added that if the submission met its requirements, it would reward them for their time and effort. People who find high severity bugs will be rewarded 1 million miles in the airline’s MileagePlus program. Meduim severity bugs will receive 2,50,000 miles while low severity bugs will receive  50,000 miles.

The website clearly mentions the types of bugs that are eligible for submission. The program is not available to the employees and family members of the airline company. The company will not accept any bugs relating to on-board systems, Wifi entertainment or avionics. A United spokesperson stated that the program began this week. United has not mentioned any specific date on when the program will end. Any person above 14 years of age, can send their findings to bugbounty@united.com along with the required information that is specified on the website.

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