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Reddit tightens up its guidelines as a step against harassment

Reddit has been in the news for quite some time now owing to various complaints from its users. In fact, most of the complaints from the users are related to the harassing behavior that they have faced on the news platform. The issue of harassment has gone on for quite some time now. Probably it is due to the large number of complaints that have been flowing into the system, the interim CEO of Reditt, Ellen Pao and the team has announced a few changes to be made to the guidelines on Reddit.reddit-mascott

According to the blog post, the Reddit Team has been working on the new guidelines for Reditt for a few months now and the changes are being made in order to avoid any further instances of harassment. The Reddit team firmly believes that by bringing in a few rules and regulations, they will be able to reduce the instances of people being harassed on Reditt by other users. In fact, this has led to quite a few individuals to decide against using Reddit.

With the aim of restoring normalcy, the Reddit team has announced that the users will now be able to report abuse and the news platform will look into the matter. Although, some of the individuals have termed the step as a good one, others have found it discomforting. What is more interesting is that Reddit has not issued any guidelines about the course of action that will be taken against abusive behavior.

The number of unhappy redditors is growing constantly, as most of them are not even sure of what Reddit team will consider as an abusive behavior. Reddit has been among the favorites owing to the freedom of speech that it provides to its users. But with the changes, the freedom will be stifled, which in turn does not go by how Reddit has been operating these years. Some users even fear that one foul word might just lead to a permanent ban on the users.

On the other hand, Reddit has not made any more comments with regard to the changes that it proposes to bring. The experts believe that in case Reddit comes up with very strict policies, they might just see a sudden steep fall in the user base as Reddit has always been known for its freedom of speech. The experts on the other hand, believe that with the changes, Reddit could very well see a few investors and advertiser coming through for them. We will have to wait and watch how things unfold.

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