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CHIP, a $9 computer is on the way to pledge over $1 million from Kickstarter campaign

With the sizes slimming down, it is certainly not a huge surprise that we have a Chip sized computer amidst us. What is really astonishing is the fact that this chip sized computer costs only $9 and can do literally everything for you. The Chip as it has been named runs on Linux and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well.chip-computer

In fact, CHIP from Next Thing Co. also offers a VGA or an HDMI post for monitors, adding immense versatility to it. To be true, this is certainly one invention that all of us might just have been looking forward to.

CHIP has already raised over $772,700 (as of writing) from the Kickstarter campaign with the help of nearly 15,265 backers. Their initial goal was $50,000, and they still have 25 more days to complete the campaign. Experts believe that the campaign would raise over $1 million through the Kickstarter campaign.

The Chip comes with a 1GHz processor, 512 RAM and a storage of 4GB. In fact, you can easily load a lighter version of Debian on it. All of this at just $9 makes the Chip – $19 with the VGA adapter and $24 with the HDMI adapter – certainly one of the most interesting computers on hand. You can easily add PockectChip to it, allowing your small computer to have its own touch panel and a keyboard. The god thing is that you can always add on various features to the Chip.


According to some of the experts, the Chip is one of the best innovations in the field of Computers. The fact that the whole system operates on Linux, there will be a lot of features available to you. In fact, some people having critically analyzed the Chip also claim that having a complete computer while on the go may well lead to a rise in notorious mentality among individuals.

But all of this is just talks currently. The company has stated that the Chip will see the global market in less than a year and will cost $19 with a VGA adapter and $24 with an HDMI adapter, which is still extremely cheap. As Next Thing Co.’s CHIP is backed by a well established Haxlr8r company, the device’s mass manufacturing will not be any problem for the developers.

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