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Nuclear Reactor shut owing to a transformer fire in New York State

The nuclear reactor plant at the Indian Point was shut down yesterday owing to an explosion in a transformer. The explosion in the plant was reported by quite a few nearby residents, but the officials have claimed that there is nothing to worry about as everything is under control. People saw smoke coming out from the plant at Buchanan in the New York State, which was later stated by the officials as the smoke after the fire had been extinguished.Nuclear Reactor shut owing to Transformer Fire in New Yor City State

According to the reports, the fire broke out at 5.50 pm and was effectively extinguished exactly 25 mins later. The officials also added that this is not an unusual event and the plant was perfectly ready to deal with the issue. The New York State Police Department also responded efficiently as several mobile police units were quickly sent to the place of incident after reports came in about the fire.

The transformer fire lead to the closure of the third unit of the Nuclear plant, while the other units went on about their works in a proper manner. The sprinkler system set up around the transformer was effectively used for the purpose of extinguishing the fire as stated by an on site personnel who was on duty during the incident. The transformer was located around 350 feet away from the nuclear reactor, which also prevented any adverse effect on the reactor.

The Nuclear Reactor Plant is run by Entergy Corporation, which is one of the largest United States Nuclear Power Operators. According to the statement from Entergy Corporation, the fire has not resulted in any danger to the public in the nearby residential area or to the employees of the Nuclear Plant. Unit 3 was back in production by the end of Friday itself.

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