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Google reported Q3 2013 earnings – $14.9 billion revenue and $10.74 per share as non-GAAP earnings

Google released the Q3 2013 earnings report and Larry Page was very happy announcing the results as the company has generated $14.9 billion consolidated revenue from all its services and products in which $2.97 billion is the net income and $10.74 per share as non-GAAP earnings.

Image credit: REUTERS
Image credit: REUTERS

Google said that it has reported 12% increase in earnings compared to last year’s same period. It provides detailed and segmented report on operating margin, operating income, net income, and EPS (earnings per share) on a GAAP and non-GAAP basis. You can head over here for detailed report and breakdowns along with the balance sheet.

After Google revealed the data, the investors reacted crazily, where Google’s shares jumped around six percent in after-hour trading, whereas it was only 1 percent up during the closing bell. The share might be up around 3% to 4% in next day of trading.

According to the experts and well-known analysts, Google’s CPC advertisement sector has jumped around 3.5% since last quarter but the report released by the company suggests that the CPC revenue plunged 8% and compared to last year’s third quarter, it’s 4% down. It seems the company is losing ground in advertisements sector and may be that is why they tried to slowly replace their traditional banner and text ads with Google+ user’s shared endorsements in it. However, the paid clicks earnings are up 26% from last year and 8% up from Q2.

Don’t forget about its hardware business, the company is bringing in some profits via its positively reviewed and acclaimed Motorola Moto X smartphones as well as $35 Chromecast dongle, which topped the Amazon’s sales charts instantly after the release. In fact, Motorola devision mmanaged to bring in only $1.18 billion (8%) revenue with $248 million operating loss.

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