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New Apple TV ‘rumor’ spotted in French and German Amazon sites

On Thursday, the current generation Apple TV was unavailable and notifying that the device would be “available from October  23”, sparking off rumors that a updated version of the Apple TV was on its way. Though there is not much of reports to confirm the next- generation device, Amazon’s sudden unavailability suggests that Apple may soon release the revamped version may be released by this October.

Amazon’s French Website

The French and German Amazon sites interestingly notified that their 3rd generation Apple TV would be available from October 23rd instead of the usual “no longer available” or “pre-order” notification. European Amazon site with Ireland and UK sites in its control and the US and Japan stores have the devices in stock. Though the online Apple store in Europe has full availability, there is still a chance that Apple might go ahead with its new product release.


Amazon’s German website

However Amazon was not “leaking” any reports about a new Apple TV. The device model number “MD199FD/A” which is the same with the device in European store. The reason for the rumors was the sudden unavailability of stock and an Apple event that is most likely to happen on October 22.

Apple users are also eager for the release of the latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks which is the final version. Reports suggest that Apple might utilize the opportunity to launch its newly designed Mac Pro.

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