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Man beats artificially intelligent robot in a poker game

With the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence, individuals seem to have been disturbed slightly by it. Well, I suppose it is time to relax a little bit, because an artificially intelligent robot cannot beat a human in a game of poker. Although, there is no certainty that a robot will not be able to achieve the feat ever, but for the present, humans can rejoice their victory over robots. The four best players of Poker were pitted against Carnegie Mellon University’s Claudicio program.man-vs-machine-poker-game

The competition was held over a period of two weeks at the Rivers Casino. By the end of two weeks, the humans had collected a cumulative lead of $732,713 over the program. The lead was taken in while approximately $170 was still on the board. Some people would suggest that with $170 on the board, it cannot be declared that the program had lost, while on the other hand, there is enough statistics to suggest that it was not a tie as well.

When all the chips were put in, Claudicio had three players ahead of him, while one individual Jason Les trailed the program by $80,482. Bjorn Li was in the lead with $529,033 in his pocket, followed by Dong Kimad and Doub Polk at $70,049 and $213,671 respectively. All the players in this match are a part of the top 10 players under No Limit Texas Hld’em.

According to the Carnegie Mellon University’s professor, they knew that Claudicio was strong, but they had no idea about how the program would react, while playing with the best pro players of Poker in real time. He also added that there is no shame in losing as this gives them the opportunity to improve and make Claudicio better.

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  1. Aside from applied math, poker is a lesson in psychology and intuition. It might take a while to teach a machine the rest of the game.

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