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Apple iPhone 7, 6s, 6s Plus, 6c – Rumors Roundup

With WWDC around the corner in June 2015, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans are getting even more impatient. The rumors about the new iPhone 7 are everywhere on the web. We bring you all exclusive information regarding the next generation iPhones here.iphone-7-concept-phone

Not wasting time speculating, we drive straight home by telling you everything you need to know about iPhone 7 release dates, specs, images and what’s new:

1) Apple to launch 2 Phones

Last September the world witnessed bigger phones from Apple. The iPhone 6 Plus variant was more of a phablet. As the legend goes, Apple will be every bit of innovation as it possibly can. With the advent of Apple Watch the new phones will be a delight as they will connect smoothly with the wearables, this extending more usefulness. Also, it is rumored that this time also Apple will be launching two phones together. Can’t wait, right!

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2) More Patents More Innovation

The race of patents led them to court against Samsung and they won it. This time in 2015 more patented technology, especially in their handsets will be visible as Apple has patents for face-recognition unlocking or fingerprint sensors based mobile display.

3) Big changes in Phone’s Display

A fingerprint sensor on the phone’s display will be really exciting to see. It is not a rumor as it is backed by a patent filed by the company. This Touch ID to be incorporated within the display of the new iPhones. This may not be as easy as it seems, but Apple is known to bring impossible things to life, with their out of the world approach. Also like Samsung, Apple will try to add a side display too for notification purposes.

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4) New iOS

Mobile operating systems are also going to take a leap in 2015. iOS 8 was launched last year and it had been improved with a lot of bug fixes and regular updates. This year with iOS 9, Apple is going to redeem itself with a new action packed OS, with new features and glitch free user interface. Apple is also working on making multitasking more easier and activities like group video calls fun.

5) Wireless Charging Feature

A very common feature in the Android camp, but when Apple does it you know things are going to improve by a landslide. Apple’s foray into wireless charging is a hint at expansion of more wearable technology and accessories. It will be surely exciting to see how fast your iPhone can be charged using wireless charging facility.

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6) Slim and Sleek

As the number goes up, the phones become slim and sleek. The new phones are going to be absolutely slim and thin. The phone’s dimensions are not out yet, but it is touted as the lightest phone ever. As far as the overall design is concerned, iPhone 7 will be rounded like iPhone 6.

7) Better Battery

This is a great problem because users always want more of it. We are hoping to see a better battery loaded iPhone this year.

Let us know what features, specifications and changes you want to see in Apple’s newest phones.

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  1. I believe that the IPhone 7 will be what everyone is waiting to have. Taking up less real estate is a big plus. Can't wait.

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