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eBay app removed from Apple Watch featured apps list (updated)

Apple has removed the eBay Apple Watch app from the featured page on Friday in the U.S. The eBay app was the first app to be listed on the apps page though it is not available on the App Store. Update: eBay has confirmed that the app was removed from the Watch featured apps list because of its unavailability for download in the App Store. The company said that the app will be available for download in the next week.ebay-apple-watch-app

However, the app is still featured on Apple’s Canada, India and Mexico pages, and eBay added that the Apple Watch app is coming. The removal might be the result of the impending eBay Apple Watch support or to prevent confusion by limiting mentions to apps that are available. As all the apps on the featured page are available on the App Store, Apple might have removed the app temporarily to prevent confusion.

“The eBay Apple Watch app will be making its way into the store in the coming weeks,” said eBay.

In March, Apple has removed ‘The Whole Pantry’ app from the featured page and App Store.  The award-winning app based on healthy eating habits was the first one to be removed from Apple Watch apps. The app’s creator Belle Gibson had lied, having cancer to source funds. Gibson also failed to donate thousands of millions collected during fundraisers and charities.

“The world’s largest marketplace is now closer and more convenient than ever,” the app description read on Apple’s website, before the featured listing was removed today. “eBay for Apple Watch helps you stay on top of the auctions you’re watching. It can send outbid notices and other notifications directly to you, so you can react immediately.”

MacRumors received an update from eBay which states that the apps was not abandoned or removed. The app will be available in the coming weeks. The app was removed as it was the only one which was not available for download. During an April earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook had mentioned that there are more than 3,500 apps for the watch while the bidding app arrives in a few weeks.

The world’s largest marketplace is now closer and more convenient than ever, reads the app’s description. The eBay watch apps allow users to receive outbid notices and notifications, and users can stay on top of auctions by reacting immediately.

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