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This alarm clock app stops only after you take a selfie

Not a morning person? No problem. Just download an app on your phone that helps you wake up and reach work on time everyday. How? This amazing application Snap Me Up, has a unique kind of alarm embedded in it. Mose smartphone owners love clicking selfies and this is what this app is all about. A really good alarm that shuts down only when you click your selfie, notifying that you have woken up.snap-me-up-alarm-app

Oh Alarms come with snooze, and they are not really effective. But here comes the novelty in this application. As the name suggests, Snap Me Up, will wake you up with your regular alarm, but the alarm will only go off if you click a selfie from your phone, which is pretty much the arsenal of waking you up.

Turning your irritating alarm off will be easier if you smile and wake up to it. But it will keep on buzzing if you do not click a selfie. You can set your desired alarms and sleep properly. This reliable app saves all your selfies in a dedicated album, which you can view later.

Wake up with a Snap, is the tagline of the application and is really useful for taking power naps, or changing sleep patterns. If you work different shifts, this app can be your best friend as you will wake up facing the camera and get into the habit of waking up like this. If you face problems meeting your appointments you can easily set up alarms to give you a wake up call. The selfie alarm is here to stay.

Currently the app is available on Android platform alone and is free to download. We find it really useful. Let us know how you like Snap Me Up in the comments below.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

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