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Apple to take on Spotify with its music streaming service – with free song samples

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to be ready to get into the music streaming business straight with a bang. The iPhone makers seem to be ready to play a hard game even before the music streaming service is officially launched.apple-beats-music-service

The reports have it that Apple Inc. has been pushing hard on the record labels to bring down its rival, Spotify’s free advertisement supported music streaming service. The free tier of the music streaming service from Spotify is malready hated by quite a few record labels and it seems that Apple Inc. is looking to feed on from it. The Most important and crucial part to take on Spotify will be the free song sample feature from Apple’s music streaming service.

Spotify has approximately 60 million subscribers across the globe and only 15 million out of them use their paid music streaming service. Spotify charges around $10 for the advertisement free music streaming service, while the reports suggest that Apple’s Music Streaming service will cost its subscribers $2 less than what it costs with Spotify. The advertisements are a huge source of income for Spotify and it looks like if Spotify can be forced to shut it down, there will be a huge slump in its subscriber base.

The experts believe that this is where Apple Inc. is possibly looking to take a chance. The added feature with Apple’s Music Streaming is that it will provide its subscribers with a quite a few songs and music, which will be exclusive to Apple. The rumors also suggest that in order to catch the subscribers, Apple Inc. might as well provide a certain amount of free access to Apple’s Music  Streaming service.

If in case Apple Inc. goes through with its free music streaming trial period, it will be interesting to see how the record labels react to it.

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